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The Storage Kit
The Storage Kit page on the official OpenBeOS site.

The Storage Kit Mailing List Archives
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Storage Kit CVS
Here you can browse through the Storage Kit's CVS repository (which is just a subfolder of the entire OpenBeOS repository). For those who are now confused, CVS is a system that helps manage the concurrent development of software source code by a number of different parties. This repository is where all of our code gets stored.

The Be Book -- Storage Kit
Here you can peruse an annotated version of Be Inc.'s documentation of the R5 Storage Kit.

The tool used to generate Storage Kit documentation.

The testing framework used to verify the functionality of the Storage Kit.

BeOS R5 Virtual Filesystem API Docs
To get acquainted with an API similar to the one we'd be using to interface with the new kernel, we wrote up some rough docs of BeOS R5's Virtual Filesystem Add-on API. Due to the fact that we only wanted them as a general reference for our own use, they're fairly rough and written more from the perspective of a kernel author than an add-on author.