Code Review
Welcome to the home of the OpenBeOS Storage Kit Team. The Storage Kit is BeOS' C++ file system API that provides user-level access to files, directories, attributes, volumes, and queries. We're the folks in charge of its re-creation for OpenBeOS.

June 8, 2002:
+ As of a few days ago, the BVolume implementation is almost complete, thanks to Vincent.
+ As of a few hours ago, BQuery is now finished, thanks to Ingo.
+ Our status has been moved from early alpha to middle alpha.
+ Ingo and Tyler are now working on BMimeType.

May 18, 2002:
We've officially gone alpha :-).

May 12, 2002:
BResources is now essentially done, thanks to Ingo. Also, as you may or may not have noticed, the website's received a bit of an update.

April 12, 2002:
Simon had stepped down from the team due to continued real-world obligations.

April 6, 2002:
Two new members: Vincent Dominguez and Ingo Weinhold!
More progress: BFile is completed, thanks to Ingo. BEntry is very nearly finished.
Website update: Look below for an assignments listing and a more illuminating progress chart.
Be Book Link: I added a link below to the Storage Kit section of an online version of the Be Book.

March 23, 2002:
A little more progress (see below)

Feb 27, 2002:
Coding has begun. :-)

Feb 17, 2002:
We're currently winding down the planning phase and getting ready to start some serious coding. Doxygen has been chosen as the method for generating API documentation from inline comments, and CppUnit has been chosen to be the unit testing framework.