Started shortly after the announcement that Palm was purchasing Be Inc. and all of its assets, OpenBeOS is an open source attempt at recreating BeOS from the ground up. The initial release will be a source (and possibly binary) compatible replacement for BeOS R5, and it's gonna rock your damn socks off.

Crap I'm Involved With:
  • The Storage Kit Team - The folks working on the OpenBeOS C++ file system access API
  • Ape - (What will someday be) a neat-o programming environment for BeOS

  • Handy OpenBeOS Links:
  • OpenBeOS - The official website
  • OpenBeOS CVS - The official CVS repository
  • Glass Elevator - Planning, discussion, and development related to OpenBeOS R2 and beyond
  • Gonx - A mock-up of what OpenBeOS R2 may look like (it's got my vote)
  • BeUnited - Non-profit BeOS advocacy group
  • BeBits - Lots and lots of BeOS Software
  • Beam - A damn nice email program for BeOS (still under development)
  • BlueOS - Another open source BeOS replacement project based on the Linux kernel

  • OpenBeOS | The Storage Kit Team | Ape