(1995) "Self-Titled" cassette-only release on Crap Records
1. Milquetoast Middle School
2. Lysol Recovery
3. White Trash
4. San Carlos
6. Rump Roast
7. Poncho Via
8. Happy Song
9. Song Without a Name
10. (7-10 minute chat about bloody shirts and the German nutcracker)

(1996) "Milquetoast Middle School" released on Mediocrity Records
1. Milquetoast Middle School
2. The Microphone Explodes
3. Red Eye
4. No Heat
5. Lysol Recovery

(1997) "Animal Village" released on Mediocrity Records
1. Animals Don't Have Feelings
2. Speak and be Heard
3. Instant hit
4. One Man Riot
5. The Funky Monkey
6. Dub-T
7. In Memphis Tennessee
8. Ice Ice Baby

Complete listing of every Kill all the Humans song ever written:
Animals Don't Have Feelings (1997)(Nate/Tito)
Buttrocker Song (1993)(Tito)
Cotton Song (1995)(Jon)
Cruel Beck (1994)(Tito)
Daddy Said (1994)(Nate)
Doughnut Song (1994)(Tito)
Dub-T (1996)(Tony/Tyler/Ben)
Happy Song (1994)(Tito/Jon)
Lysol Recovery (1993)(Nate)
Metroid (1994)(Tony)
Milquetoast Middle School (1993)(Nate)
NBC Sports Disco (1994)(Nate)
No Heat (1995)(Tony)
Old Man Song (1994)(Jon)
One Man Riot (1996)(Tito)
Ice Ice Baby (1996)(Tito/Tony/Jon)
In Memphis Tennessee (1997)(Nate/Tito)
Instant hit (1995)(Tito)
Plain as Day (1994)(Nate)
Poncho Via (1993)(Tony)
Red Eye (1995)(Tony)
Rump Roast (1995)(Tony)
San Carlos (1993)(Tony/Tito)
Song Without a Name (1994)(Tony)
Speak and be Heard (1997)(Tito/Nate)
The Funky Monkey (1996)(Tito)
The Microphone Explodes (1995)(Tony)
Wanna-Be (1994)(Tony)
What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? (1996)(Tito/Tony/Jon)
White Trash (1994)(Tony)
Who's the Man With the Master Plan? (1993)(Tony)
You Call Yourself a Boy (1994)(Nate)